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Tudbus - Douarnenez town hall

tudbus network

Douarnenez urban line has three main lines and a special factory line. The main stops served are middle schools and high schools, the city centre where the interurban bus station is located, urban core neighbourhoods (Tréboul, Pouldavid and Ploaré), facilities (hospital, shopping centres), and, in the summer, the beaches.

Contact us

  • 0810 81 00 29 (cost of a local call)

  • Agencies - Le Coeur coaches

    • SAS Transports Le Coeur, Avenue de Mortemart
      29120 Combrit
    • 8, Impasse d’Armorique - ZA de Bréhuel
      29100 Douarnenez

Douarnenez town

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Douarnenez is located in western Finistère and has 15,600 residents living in four distinctive neighbourhoods. Nearly 3000 children attend school there. The town has a wealth of athletic, cultural (Port Musée), and healthcare (hospital) facilities. Its strong economy is heavily based on fish processing and on electronics. With several remarkable sites, such as Ile Tristan, the Plomarc'h, and the bay, Douarnenez enjoys a lot of business from tourism, particularly from sailing with a marina that features the prestigious Pavillon Bleu label.